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Bluehost vs Liquid Web

Bluehost and Liquid Web are the two most reputable hosting companies out there. But they are not exactly competitors as they work in separate domains and cater to a dissimilar audience. Bluehost cheap prices are attractive to individual persons as they offer lucrative and easy to use web hosting plans. On the other hand, Liquid Web is a web hosting company that offers plans specially designed to cater businesses that are willing to pay for excellent features and services. Regardless of their state of play, it is worthy to compare the two web hosting companies.

Bluehost Coupon Codes

Basic Plans:

Bluehost’s plans are divided into three categories and all of them are specially designed for just clients who are looking to host their website. Their 36 Month plan can be availed at a meagre price of $2.95 per month whereas their 24-month plan can be availed at $4.95 per month. If you only want a one-year commitment then the price will go up to $5.45 per month. Moving onto Liquid Web their packages are more divided into the types of services they offer. The VPS plan is offered at $50 per month. If you’re looking for Cloud dedicated services then the price is $159 per month.

It is also worth looking into their basic plan, the space provided by Liquid Web is 50GB-1.6TB whereas unlimited space is provided by Bluehost. In fact, Bluehost also offers a 30 days money back guarantee. On the other hand, Liquid Web does not offer a money back guarantee. Free domain name comes with Bluehost whereas you have the option of 2-5 domain names for free on Liquid web. So, although the prices of Liquid Web are steeper in comparison to Bluehost, the features provided by Liquid Web are far superior in terms of function and usage.

WordPress Hosting Comparison:

Let’s get to the main point, if we’re looking for a WordPress web hosting platform then which option will be the better one. Like we said before, Bluehost aims at first time users and bloggers for which the price and packages are quite well. Secondly, the WordPress themselves endorses Bluehost as the best option. On the other hand, Liquid Web offers VPS backed WordPress hosting services, which allows one to have a dynamic website hosted in perfection. They also provide managed Globalsign SSL certificate which is obviously quite important in terms of securing your website from hacks and malware. Both the two companies offer backups that are automated.

Site Building:

This is where Bluehost completely takes the edge. Site building is a feature which allows simple drag and drop where you can easily make websites without facing any hassle. When you choose Bluehost, you also get Weebly which allows you to build your site in ease. On the contrary, Liquid Web does not offer the services of site building at all.